Company profile

MULTI-COUPLING SYSTEM S.r.l. designs and manufactures oil-hydraulic and hydrodynamic groups and plants for the most varied industrial sectors and for specific applications.

The company was established in Legnano (MI), but soon the development of the activity imposed a transfer of the operational headquarters to Canegrate, and later to Villa Cortese in a larger production plant.
Established in 1992, thanks to the experience gained in high and very high-pressure systems (5000 bar and above), Multi-Coupling System designs and supplies power and distribution units, test benches, quality control equipment, subsea applications, standard or special components and pipes on specific requests of its customers.

The special components are manufactured directly in-house by processing semi-finished stainless-steel products. The company has also purchased equipment allowing it to modernize its production cycles, thus obtaining a qualitative improvement of the finished product intended for large, medium and small industry, both of manufacturers and users, at national level, which require, in the production process, of a special fluidic technology.

The nature of the products manufactured and the extreme flexibility of the company, in fact, make it possible to meet the needs of all the customers who over the years have demonstrated a loyalty to the same. In 2002 Multi-coupling created the HIGH PRESSURE brand, that is a production line for high pressure components and equipment.

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