Portables liquid pressure generators

Multi-Coupling System® plans and manufactures systems to multiply the pressure of liquids, such as water, oil, glycol emulsified water.
The aforesaid systems are used for different purposes, such as production tests, high-pressure lines, supply laboratory equipments, bursting tests, sealing tests in very high pressure conditions, etc...
Design is carried out by considering the requests of the customer and European standards.
MCS pressure generators are manufactured with the fundamental goals of obtaining reliability, safety and easy use. The units are easy to transport and can be connected to pneumatic and hydraulic plans.
Upon demand of the customer, the units can be fully pneumatic or can be integrated with PLC or display for transducers, and represent the optimal solution for high-pressure tests or inspections.
The manual, semiautomatic or fully automatic units are always manufactured according to the individual requests of the customer.

Liquid pressure generators

Small Hydraulic portable test unit